From 21 to 23 April, the first China oyster International Summit Forum was held in Rushan, Shandong.

The forum, focusing on the sustainability of the oyster industry and the food safety protection theme, is divided into expert special report, discussion and exchange and the topic discussion of heredity and breeding and the Rushan oyster industry development forum. It attracts international famous marine research specialists from the United States, France, Australia and the the Yellow Sea Institute of aquatic science, the Academy of Aquatic Sciences, and the major Even more than 200 guests, including experts and professors from overseas famous universities, such as oceanographic University, and leading entrepreneurs in the industry, have participated.

And, with the help of this forum, the “Rushan oyster industry expert advisory committee” was founded, and 8 special experts were invited to add new impetus to the development of the oyster industry in Rushan. Haijun Liu, general manager of Yantai sea spring aquaculture technology Co., Ltd., as president of the Rushan oyster Association, said at the forum that “Rushan oyster industry expert advisory committee” was set up, and the old culture mode of Rushan will be rapidly developed to the international culture model. In addition, the new varieties and old products of the Rushan oysters The species will also have higher added value.

Nowadays, the construction of Rushan oyster town is being hammered out. Relying on the ecological resources of the Chinese oyster and the coastal tourism, with the “ecological coast and the glamour bay” as the orientation, it integrates scientific research, science popularization, modern environmental protection industry and ecological tourism and so on. According to the plan of “one nuclear, two belts and three axes and six areas”, the International Oyster industrial center is set up and the Shandong characteristic state level is built. Special town, national 4A tourist attractions.

“We will build Rushan into an oyster technology R & D center and a bridgehead of technology output through the introduction of talent and the industrial fund, which will promote the development of the oyster industry in China, and realize the transformation of the new and old marine economy and the revitalization of the countryside.” Gao Gongben, deputy secretary of the Rushan municipal Party committee and mayor of the city, said.

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