In order to create the national food safety city and build the “marine granary” in Yantai, the city should fulfill the supervision responsibility, highlight the dominant varieties and key areas, carry out hidden trouble investigation and regulation, and stabilize the quality and safety situation of the city’s aquatic products.

This year, in view of the leading varieties such as sea cucumber and sea fish, Yantai organization has carried out a series of special renovation, strengthened the supervision of the factory and pond culture mode, carried out a drawing examination to the key aquaculture areas, and severely attacked the behavior of feeding banned fishing drugs and abusing the additives. At the same time, we should actively explore the establishment of linkage and coordination mechanism and carry out joint law enforcement with public security, food and drug administration departments. Ming Yang, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Oceanic and fisheries, said: “more than 2000 law enforcement officers have been sent out in the city. More than 900 production units have been inspected, and the cases of various systems are not implemented and the drug residues are exceeded, and the corresponding penalties are given in strict accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.”


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