Sales Specialist

Qualifications: college or above; 1-2 years of marketing experience in the fisheries industry, the outstanding performance of the priority admission; a certain market analysis and judgment, good customer service awareness; a sense of responsibility, can bear greater work pressure; team work spirit, willing to challenge.

Administrative Personnel Supervisor

Qualifications: Bachelor degree or above, with human resources, administrative management, enterprise management, labor law and other related professional knowledge; more than 3 years of administrative personnel management experience, good organizational ability, writing ability, analytical judgment, communication ability, public relations coordination ability, and can write administrative rules and regulations. With certain legal knowledge and strong administrative ability, there is a certain ability to deal with emergencies, help superiors handle various difficult and difficult problems, and have good leadership and incentive ability, strong language expression, new thinking, physical quality and good psychological quality. The computer is skilled in operation.

Electric business operation

Qualifications: familiar with Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong and other e-commerce platform practice and operation; skilled use of platform background and platform activities; quick thinking, strong execution, serious work attitude; college education, e-commerce, logistics management and other related major and related work experience priority.