In April 2018, district leaders came to the company to investigate the work of “strategic ocean”.

In April 13th, Mou Shuqing, Secretary of the working committee of the development zone and director of the management committee, led the investigation of the spring of the sea. In a field, the Secretary of the Secretary of the city inspected the production and management of the sea and the research and development of the product, listened to the introduction of the enterprise, and encouraged the company to base its foothold on the existing good foundation, give full play to the advantages of the resources, increase the innovation of science and technology and the transformation of achievements, and become stronger and stronger.

March 2018 group study tour

In March 30th, the staff of Yantai Hai Chun visited Rushan Huaxin group to study and lay a solid foundation for the healthy and vigorous development of the spring.

December 2017, the company passed the Yantai 2017 high level talent entrepreneurship projects to support the audit.

In December 26th, Professor Wang Chunde, the chairman of the company, as a declarant, won the best support for the company's high level talent entrepreneurship project in Yantai in 2017.

The company was established in September 2017.

In September 13th, the company was registered in the Yantai Development Zone with a registered capital of 50 million.

The birth of the enterprise. The founder of the enterprise is acquainted with each other.

In 2016, Professor Wang Chunde, chairman of the company, and general manager Liu Haijun attended the industry conference in Canada. In the exchange collision, two industry leaders found that, in the pursuit of the big development of the shellfish industry, the two people were highly consistent, so after careful planning, it decided to integrate the advantages of the two sides and set up the Yantai sea spring aquiculture technology limited company.